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The Lord of The Dark Cocina

    From the seas of the west indies to fires of flavor town, I am the one and only Chef Diablo the “Lord of The Dark Cocina.”  Let me tell you a little about myself, I’ll keep it dark and mysterious. I am a chef, a chef that loves flavor. I know all about combining the herbs and the spices, the ancient techniques and also the modern to create a triumphant dish. You see, I don’t just cook with my hands, or use my eyes and spirit to measure exactly how much flavor is needed, I use my soul, and I pour my soul into every dish I create


    As a Young Diablo, I mastered the “basics” of the culinary arts, from the amazing French cooks, I learned precise  cutting techniques. My style of cooking is give it all my passion or dash it off  my menu, a simple and delicious way into culinary. I want you to crave my food monthly, weekly, hell even daily, not just on special occasions. So, I cook what I want, how I want it and defiantly I come up with dishes that baffle the tastebuds. 


I fined inspirations for all my dishes, simple... From my stomach. When I am in starvation mode and the stomach talks, its time to wipe out the scrolls and write done the new dish. Everything taste amazing when you're hungry. As a chef, your equip-with the gift of taste your little craver slayer will defiantly be filled with an impactful punch of flavor.

I surprise myself... no not really . Chef Diablo will always dish out the best of the best.


IMG_0468 2.JPG


Cater too many events from weddings to world class fashion shows, I can evolve to any event. What I bring to the table is cuisines that is memorable just as your event.



Through the battles of the culinary darkness, I have conquered many challenges. Trophies, metals and cash prizes. The most cherished of them all is my championship belt, created just for me for throwing down in ruthless competition.

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A little heat never hurt anyone, that's the saying... right? Not in my book, I challenge all to taste the fires of the Dark Cocina's challenge at Cream  Ridgewood: Wings tossed in my HellFire sauce.  " A little heat shall not only hurt but will set your soul on fire...

The Lord of the Dark Cocina

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