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From the sapphire seas of the West Indies to the roaring fires of Flavortown, enter the realm of Chef Diablo. Before you delve deeper into my culinary tales, let's stir up a bit of mystery. You see, I am not just a chef; I am an architect of taste. My tools aren't merely my hands or the precision of my gaze. My soul is the true chef's knife, and with it, I carve out flavors that dance, enchant, and mesmerize.

In my formative years, the world-renowned chefs of France taught me the art of finesse. But my culinary mantra is simple: "Cook with fervor or leave it off the plate!" I aim to create dishes that beckon you daily, not just on rare occasions. And the inspiration behind these dishes? My very own pangs of hunger. When the belly rumbles, the magic begins. It's during these times that I unfurl the scrolls and inscribe a dish destined to tantalize.

Meet Chef Diablo, often dubbed the "Pepperpot Picasso" of the gastronomic gallery. Deeply rooted in Guyanese lore, I pour the spirit of the Caribbean into every cauldron and skillet. My creations don't just seduce your palate; they beckon you to embark on a tale, an odyssey across the vast expanse of flavor.

Step into "Cream Ridgewood," my haven where the allure of the West Indies and the zest of Latin America come alive in a harmonious ballet of taste. It's a feast for the senses, where every spice, herb, and morsel narrates a legend as profound as the Guyanese terrain.


Ever felt the embrace of a tropical sun and the whisper of an ocean breeze with a mere morsel? That's the Chef Diablo promise. I don't just prepare meals; I orchestrate symphonies of taste and texture, infusing the Guyanese essence of camaraderie and celebration into every dish.

So, cast aside your reservations, immerse yourself in the rhythmic beats of Soca, and embark on a culinary journey with Chef Diablo. Welcome to my sanctuary of flavor, where dining becomes an exuberant carnival, a testament to the vibrant spirit of the Caribbean. At Cream Ridgewood, we don't just revel in food — we celebrate life's joys, the symphony of laughter, and the timeless allure of the Caribbean shores. Welcome aboard!


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Cater too many events from weddings to world class fashion shows, I can evolve to any event. What I bring to the table is cuisines that is memorable just as your event.



Through the battles of the culinary darkness, I have conquered many challenges. Trophies, metals and cash prizes. The most cherished of them all is my championship belt, created just for me for throwing down in ruthless competition.

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A little heat never hurt anyone, that's the saying... right? Not in my book, I challenge all to taste the fires of the Dark Cocina's challenge at Cream  Ridgewood: Wings tossed in my HellFire sauce.  " A little heat shall not only hurt but will set your soul on fire...

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